Civil & Industrial

We give you access to the hardest to reach places in the shortest amount of time with the safest methods. Whether it's Oil & Gas, Rail & Infrastructure, or Construction & Facilities, we have a proven track record of providing the highest quality data to allow you to make the most informed decisions. High resolution digital imagery provides a quick, cost effective and safe means for monitoring construction progress and visually inspecting industrial infrastructure. We also provide near realtime mapping and surveying services to provide digital terrain models, orthomosaics and photo realistic 3D models quickly and affordably. Contact us today to hear how we can assist with your Civil & Industrial needs.


Construction Progress

Drone Aerial photography is a valuable tool used during architectural planning stages as well as measuring construction progress. We specialize in tracking your progress from concept to completion and will deliver a time-lapsed video record of progress.


Agricultural Health

We help farmers monitor crop and livestock conditions by air to quickly identify issues not easily apparent from the ground-level. Let us help you optimize the efficient use of inputs to maximize productivity, quality, and yield.


Civil Inspections

Our clients achieve greater safety, quality data and reduced time onsite by using drones in their businesses. We provide the highest quality data and quickest delivery times for industrial inspections through the use of UAV technologies.

Real Estate Aerial Photography

Real Estate

We provide Realtors with dramatic and compelling aerial images and video to help market their client's property. Highlight more property features such as pools, landscaping, walkways and backyards using Lyfted Media's Real Estate Services.