Drones and Power Generation Management

Drones solutions provide critical visual and thermal data on the condition of power stations, so personnel can identify risks and address them quickly without shutting down operations.

Boiler Inspection

Wind Turbine Inspection

Solar Photovoltaic System Inspection

Send drones instead of inspection personnel into the boiler for an automated, complete internal inspection without shutting down operations, while keeping inspectors safe.

Conduct automated flights up and around wind turbines to document their conditions and zoom in to defects for timely repairs.

Gain real-time temperature readings of solar panels using drones equipped with visual and radiometric thermal sensors to immediately identify abnormalities.

 Traditional Challenges in Boiler Inspection

How Drones Inspect Boilers

  • An inspection platform or scaffolding is required to access and inspect boilers, which poses safety risks to personnel while costing time and money.
  • Inspection reports done by different team members are not consolidated or even digitized, making recordkeeping challenging.
  • Drones are compact and flexible, able to fly into boilers for a full scan without shutdowns or endangering inspection workers.The live footage helps identify risks for informed decision-making.
  • DJI drones are equipped with advanced obstacle sensing systems with the option to add a spotlight attachment, so they can be reliably deployed for internal inspections.