Drones in Construction

Map, Model, and Inspect with Drone Solutions

Automate Workflows and Digitize Your Assets

Stockpile Volumetrics

Heritage Site Modeling

Obtain accurate volume measurements of stockpiles and construction aggregates using 3D models built with aerial images.


Build detailed 3D models of cultural and natural heritage sites, digitizing assets for preservation and education.

 Traditional Challenges in Architecture Engineering

How Drones Empower Architecture Engineering

  • The lack of precise position data makes it difficult to align BIM designs, road vector maps, and satellite imagery, costing time and labor.
  • 2D designs are unable to illustrate the spatial information required to fully visualize the design.
  • The BIM designs can be quite different from the reality model, making it difficult to visualize and verify the design.
  • Create 3D models with accurate positioning data that can be readily fitted into the BIM models to visualize designs.
  • Designs can be optimized using drone-created 3D models that are compatible with a variety of GIS software.