Drones in Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies are adopting versatile aerial robots to aid in incident response, rapid mapping, and scouting to facilitate informed actions while also ensuring maximal safety for officers and bystanders.


Mission Situational Awareness

Provide incident commanders with accurate, real-time insight as missions unfold, empowering decisions to be made with confidence.

Collision Reconstruction and Forensics

Rapidly and remotely map, document, and preserve crime scenes, vehicle collisions, and more, while simultaneously keeping operators from harm's way.


Traditional Challenges For Mission Situational Awareness

How Drones Elevate Mission Situational Awareness

  • Without comprehensive mission data, ground teams contend with blind-spots and are exposed to unecessary risk.
  • Deficient situational intelligence hinders the efficient allocation of resources to maximize safety and minimize response time.
  • Deploy to rapidly arrive on scene and gain immediate aerial insights.
  • Hover above unfolding missions and live stream updates directly to command centers.
  • Synchronize teams, eliminate uncertanty, and allow decisions to be made with confidence.