Enterprise Shield FAQs

1. What is the difference between DJI Enterprise Shield Basic and Enterprise Shield Plus?

  • Number of replacements: A maximum of two replacements are provided for one year for Enterprise Shield Basic. Unlimited number of replacements for one year within the guaranteed coverage amount are provided for owners of Enterprise Shield Plus.
  • Replacement fee: Enterprise Shield Basic requires a separate fee paid for two replacements, while replacements for Enterprise Shield Plus are provided free of charge.
  • Logistics service: Enterprise Shield Plus replacement service provides overnight delivery, while Enterprise Shield Basic provides free land freight.
  •  Additional services: There are no additional services for Enterprise Shield Basic. Free use of a backup device is available for Enterprise Shield Plus.
  • Shared coverage: Coverage amount can be shared between different models for Enterprise Shield Plus. Coverage cannot be shared under Enterprise Shield Basic.
  • Service mode: Under Enterprise Shield Basic, two paid replacement services will be provided to coverage owners. Under Enterprise Shield Plus, free repair and unlimited replacement services within the limit of the coverage amount are available to coverage owners.
  • Coverage: For Enterprise Shield Plus, a fee equivalent to the damage assessment cost for the original product is deducted from the coverage amount. Under Enterprise Shield Basic, the coverage amount is not used for deduction.

2. Is there a limit on the number of uses for DJI Enterprise Shield?

If you have purchased Enterprise Shield Plus, no limit is imposed on the number of replacements, as long as the accumulated repair amount does not exceed the total coverage amount. No additional charge is required for replacements under Enterprise Shield Plus.

Enterprise Shield Basic comes into effect at 0:00 on the start date and expires at 24:00 on the expiration date, as specified in the service agreement. You can enjoy two replacement services.

3. Which kind of drone or payloads will be provided by DJI Enterprise Shield replacement service?

You will receive a replacement device with the equivalent performance and reliability of a brand-new product (replacement devices may have minor cosmetic defects).

4. What is the coverage period of DJI Enterprise Shield?

The service comes into effect at 0:00 on the start date and expires at 24:00 on the expiration date, as specified in the service agreement.

5. What kind of drone or payloads are eligible for DJI Enterprise Shield?

If your drone or payloads meet any of the following conditions, you can purchase DJI Enterprise Shield:

1. Brand-new drone or payload that is not activated.
2. Drone or payloads activated for less than 72 hours.
3. Repaired in an official DJI Service Center and within 72 hours of receiving an email invitation.(Please contact support@dji.com to inquire about the inspection process.)