Enterprise Solutions

 We specialize in end-to-end business solutions for UAV Operations. We offer the latest hardware, software, and accessories for Enterprise applications. We cater to multiple industries such as Oil & Gas, Public Safety, Infrastructure, Agriculture, and many more. Let us help you build and scale your UAV program! Whether you are just getting started, in the process of scaling your operations, or seeking a more efficient model to manage your drone program; we are your best option to provide hardware, repair service and support. Give us a call to discuss your applications. Take your work to a new level with our enterprise solutions. Capture reality, gain insights, and make decisions real time.  Reduce risks, keep projects on schedule and your people away from danger. Most importantly, empower your people by equipping them with intelligent tools that expand their capabilities.

Public Safety Drones

Enhanced safety and security with rapid response solutions.

 Fire Fighting

Law Enforcement

Rescue Services

DJI technology arms firefighters with aerial insight enabling rapid, efficient, and informed decisions to maximize safety. Learn more. Drones are becoming critical tools for law enforcement agencies, enabling greater safety, quicker response, and better decisions. Learn more. Emergency responders can identify targets and deploy care faster thanks to the overhead guidance DJI drones provide. Learn more.



Construction Drones

Improve planning, streamline and organize project while reducing risk.

Architecture Engineering

Progress Monitoring

Building Inspection and Maintenance

Map large work sites to acquire detailed, precise data using drones. 2D maps and 3D models help teams optimize project planning and designs. Learn more.



    Aerial Surveying and AEC Drones

    Improve efficiencies and capabilities of modern day inspections.

     Land Surveying

    Natural Resource Management

    Urban Planning

    Drone solutions collect accurate, geo-tagged data quickly, while photogrammetry software processes these data to deliver standardized outputs. Learn more.

    Drones enable large-scale, detailed surveys of natural resources, providing accurate maps and models as well as telemetry data. Learn more.

    Drone data creates accurate 2D and 3D models that integrate seamlessly with local geographic information systems, helping teams visualize results. Learn more.



      Electric Power Industry Drones

      Visualize remote assets in real-time and improve decisions and safety.


       Power Grid Management

      Power Generation Management

      Special Operations

      Drone solutions deliver detailed and accurate data on all parts of the grid, automating inspection, enabling timely repairs, and reducing downtime. Learn more. Drone solutions provide critical visual and thermal data on the condition of power stations, so personnel can identify risks and address them quickly without shutting down operations. Learn more. Quickly clear powerlines of debris using drones outfitted with specialized tools, keeping personnel safe on the ground and avoiding shutdowns. Learn more.



      Oil and Gas Industry Drones

      Safely inspect and manage equipment and infrastructure.

       Production and Refinery Management

      Pipeline Integrity Management

      Exploration and Construction Management

      Drone-powered routine inspections and safety monitoring improve efficiency without halting operations or compromising personnel safety. Learn more. Drones help monitor and manage long pipelines spread across different geographies, identifying leakages or anomalies quickly Learn more. Drones collect data quickly and accurately to conduct site surveys of exploration sites and inform construction projects from design to execution. Learn more.



      Agriculture  Drones

      Spray, evaluate, inspect and analyze with aerial imaging

       Irrigation Management

      Crop Inspection

      Crop Spraying

      With the DJI Inspire XT's thermal capabilities, irrigation and water pooling can be managed more efficiently. Powered by FLIR's industry leading Tau 2 thermal camera, the Inspire XT gives growers a detailed understanding of the state of their lands, giving them fundamental insights that lead to better decision making. Learn more. Drones can survey a crop every week, every day, or even every hour. Combining this information into a timelapse animation can highlight changes in the crop, revealing trouble spots or opportunities for better crop management. Learn more. The DJI Agras MG-1 is an agricultural octocopter designed to increase efficiency and manageability in plant protection and fertilization. One single Agras MG-1 can carry 10kg of fluid and cover 10 acres (4 hectares) in a single flight. This is ¬60 times faster than manual spraying. Learn more.