Repair Request Form


DJI Store Virginia Repair Terms of Services and Conditions
1. Shipping Address: "DJI Store Repair, 4554 Virginia Beach Blvd, suite 120, Virginia Beach, VA 23462"
2. We will contact you within 3 business days after we receive your repairing drone. For any question, please contact us by email to (Please attach your repair ticket to facilitate us to locate your repair).
3. Please Ship your DRONE BODY and REMOTE CONTROLLER only. Do NOT include Battery, SD CARD, Propellers, cables and other accessories, except requested by us. We do NOT take responsibility for any accessory missing.
4. Do NOT ship us WATER damaged drones or other drones, which are apparently not worthy to repair.
5. Diagnostic charge $30 applies to all repairs.
6. We charge 1-3 hour ($65/hour) labor for most repair cases.
7. Customers pay all shipping for all repair cases.
8. All repairs shall be paid in ONE week after we send out the invoice. Storage fee $5 per day will apply to unpaid repairs from the 8th day after invoiced. The unpaid repairs will be the property of DJI Store Virginia THREE months after invoiced.
9. DJI Factory Warranty or DJI Care repair are NOT covered by repair with us. Please contact DJI Customer service in Los Angles, CA at 818-2350789 for factory warranty and dji care repairs.

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